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  1. Welcome to the Course
  2. Changelog: new content in the course
  3. Send us your questions!

01.Basic Dungeon

  1. Introduction
  2. Coding the basic dungeon generator
  3. Creating organic room shapes
  4. Bonus: making our code reusable

02.Random Walker

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating the base rooms
  3. Coding the Rooms class
  4. Overview of the algorithm
  5. Setting up the level generator scene
  6. Setting up the algorithm
  7. Calculating the procedural level
  8. Stepping forward on the generated path
  9. Drawing the procedural level
  10. Upgrading to auto tiles
  11. Conclusion and final thoughts

03.World Map

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up the WorldMap scene
  3. Assigning biome colors
  4. The main GDScript logic
  5. The noise utility library
  6. The rivers generator
  7. Finishing the CPU code
  8. Implementing the world map shader
  9. Sobel shader

04.Mst Dungeon

  1. A Dungeon Generator based on Physics and Minimum Spanning Trees
  2. The Utility Library
  3. The Dungeon’s Rooms
  4. The Main Scene
  5. Simulating and generating the dungeon

05.Modular Weapon System

  1. A Modular Weapons System
  2. Placing and Orienting Cannons in Space
  3. Creating a spawner for projectiles
  4. Setting Up A Basic Projectile
  5. The Weapons Management System
  6. Making Projectiles Move
  7. Reacting to Impact
  8. Adding Special Impact Events
  9. Damaging Enemies
  10. The completed system
  11. Firing a continuous laser
  12. Creating a couple more motions

06.Infinite Worlds

  1. Infinite worlds introduction
  2. Introduction to procedural noise
  3. The WorldGenerator base class
  4. White noise world generator
  5. Generating new sectors on the fly
  6. More uniform distributions with blue noise
  7. Layered infinite world generation
  8. Generating the remaining layers
  9. Persistent changes

07.Cellular Automata

  1. Cellular automata introduction
  2. Getting started with cellular automata
  3. Coding rules to simulate evolution
  4. Preparing to Generate Caves with Cellular Automata
  5. Implementing the Cavern Generation Rules
  6. Preparing to Improve the Dungeon
  7. Removing Small Caverns
  8. Increasing Appeal with Autotiles
  9. Placing the Miner and Exit
  10. Digging Through Walls
  11. Spawning Treasure